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On this page you will also find courses and other resources that will help you get even more value from our products. 

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Courses and training

It is always best to be self-sufficient. Our outstanding support is always there for you, but our courses and training programs are an excellent investment if you want to take care of things yourself.

eADM Course

We tailor our eAdm courses to meet your needs and make sure that you can elevate or maintain your in-house competence levels when your organisation is growing or new coworkers take over the responsibility of running your favourite IAM solution. 

Our eAdm courses tackle workflows, access management automation, export templates, and general operation and maintenance of eAdm so you can get the best value from your IAM investment. 

Send an email to to get a quote and a course plan that meets your needs.

eADM Workshop

Take your data architecture to the next level and improve the knowledge and skill of your coworkers at the same time.

During an eAdm Workshop our consultants work with improving your AD setup and solving the IAM challenges that are important to your organisation. We bring your colleagues along for the journey and you get practical learning as a bonus along the way.

Send an email to for a quote and to get your questions answered before you make a decision.

eFEIDE Course

School Administrators

We offer 45 minute courses in eFeide functionality for School Administrators. We will cover everything you need to know about Feide to manage your responsibilities and day-to-day duties.

Municipality Administrators

In this course we dive deeper. 1, 5 hours covering user anchors, synchronisation cycles and troubleshooting. What's not to love?

Send an email to for a quote. 


Not sure what you need? Do you simply think there is untapped potential in your IAM strategy and the way you work with your employee data? 

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