Identum was born as a bootstrapped startup between the fjords and mountains on the west coast of Norway, more specifically in Bergen. 

The company was founded by Eric and Manuel, who firmly believe that the recipe for success is "happy customers" on repeat. 

There are many more of us today, but one thing hasn't changed: We cherish our beloved Customers.

That's what keeps us driven to provide IAM solutions that are secure, efficient, and tailored to the unique needs of your business. 


The usual moustache-suspects in front of Bryggen in Bergen

How did we get here?

We still see ourselves as a startup from Bergen. Our history is full or great memories, phases of learning and growth, and a relentless obsession for being there for our Customers when they need us.  

Our Customers are our oxygen, the blood that flows through our veins, and the reason for why we go to work every day. This mindset is part of our heritage and something we want to keep - regardless of how many colleagues we have or how many Customers choose to work with us.

A slice of startup history

Here are some of the events that have shaped Identum into what we are today. A small startup adventure that has grown big in the city between the seven mountains.

  1. Identum old logo 400x400px

    2023 | New Identum brand

    We also built a new website, the one you're looking at right now. Pretty sweet, right? The picture is how we used to look, and a lot of effort went into the new brand identity. We even wrote an article about it!

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  2. Visma HQ

    2023 | Visma buys Identum

    In 2023 we were purchased by Visma. It was a big deal, people wrote press releases and stuff. But we are still the same Customer loving IAM nerds from the west coast of Norway, that part hasn't changed.

    Press release
  3. 100 eAdm Customers

    2022 | 100 eAdm Customers

    In 2022 we passed 100 happy eAdm Customers, we also landed our first international eAdm Customer this year.

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  4. Microsoft_Azure

    2021 | Migration to Azure Cloud

    A successful migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud was done in 2021. For our Customers this means that our products become faster, more secure and overall better.

    Microsoft website
  5. DN.no_logo

    2019 | 10 years of profitability

    We celebrate 10 years of profitability by launching eAdm, our newest cloud-based solution for the private and public sectors. Identum wins its fifth(!) Gaselle award.

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  6. Feide logo

    2017 | First international eFeide Customer

    Our first international eFeide Customer came in 2017, only a few years after passing 100 eFeide Customers in Norway.

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  7. DN.no_logo

    2015 | Over 100 eFeide Customers

    The same year where our first eAdm Customers come through the door, eFeide surpasses 100 Customers. Identum receives its first Gaselle award from Dagens Næringsliv.

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  8. Cloud-based IAM solution

    2012 | From public to private sector

    In 2012 we launched our first add-on module, eTime, in our eFeide product. The same year we sign our first Customer in the private sector.

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  9. Feide logo

    2011 | Both large and small

    The fourth largest (Kristiansand) and smallest (Utsira) municipality in Norway becomes eFeide Customers.

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  10. Identum old logo 400x400px

    2009 | The Identum adventure starts

    Identum is founded in September 2009 by Manuel Fraga and Eric Lithun. Before the end of the year our first Customer has signed and eFeide is in production.

    From puzzle piece to new brand

More than just a quote?

We say a lot of weird stuff, but some of the things we say are so well formulated that they get to live in eternity here on our website (at least until the webserver crashes). This is one of them...

Eric Lithun
The IT-department is always the first to know when a new colleague is starting, and the last to know when someone has left the company.

Eric Lithun

Captures the essence of why IAM is a profitable investment