Identum is a company that cares. About each other, our families, our communities - and of course, our beloved Customers.

We're not suggesting that we deserve a medal because of it, we realise that these are the same things that create a solid foundation for a healthy and profitable business.

But it does make work more fun - knowing that if we just stay true to ourselves, continue doing great work, and relentlessly focus on solving for our customers - we can continue on this exiting journey together.

These are the people behind the magic - thank you for your trust...


The Identum team


Identums support team with Hawaii shirts

It's going pretty well

The explosive growth over the past few years have led to a 25% increase in new hires. These two are called Sergon and Stein. 

We manage over 280 Feide catalogues for Norwegian Municipalities, from Utsira with 31 students to Bergen with more than 27,000. We also operate Feide catalogues for more than 150 private schools in Norway and abroad.  

We're not usually ones for self-promotion, our excellent products often speak for themselves. But a revamped website often signals new beginnings. So, expect to hear a bit more about our accomplishments in the future.

The people behind the magic

We make sure that you can get the job done! The right access, to the right people, at the right time... Always.

LinkedIn Profile Photo - Manuel

Manuel Fraga

Head Technical Honcho

LinkedIn Profile Photo - Jan

Jan Fraga

+1D6 Support

LinkedIn Profile Photo - Sturle

Sturle Fraga Elvestad

Dances with Code

LinkedIn Profile Photo - Flemming

Flemming Lauritzen

User Interface Monomaniac

LinkedIn Profile Photo - Joachim

Joachim Hollekim

Black Belt in Meetings

LinkedIn Profile Photo - Tine

Tine Hjelmervik

EDP Operator Protagonist

LinkedIn Profile Photo - Alf

Alf Aukan

The Customer Whisperer

LinkedIn Profile Photo - Anders

Anders Mydland

Systematic Brilliance

LinkedIn Profile Photo - Stein

Stein Mjåtveit

Marketing Therapist

LinkedIn Profile Photo - Sergon

Sergon Teodores

UX Iron Man

LinkedIn Profile Photo - Eric

Eric Lithun

The bird has flown...