Integrations and applications

On this page you will find a list of integrations and its associated applications that our customers depend upon today. The list is not conclusive and is constantly growing, so if your system or application is not on the list, let us know! 

API: Direct integration via API or equivalent. Two-way (bidirectional) data synchronisation is possible. For all API-based integrations, eAdm can synchronise users and organisational structure from your HR-system. eAdm can also assign roles and perform access management in realtime, as long as the connected application supports it.

AD/Azure AD: Integration by adding/removing users from security groups in on premise AD or Azure AD.

XML/CSV: File transfer, one way (unidirectional) data flow.

Is something missing from our list? Get in touch, we are experts at building the integrations you need.

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Master data systems are systems that deliver data to eAdm, these are usually Human Resource Management (HRM) or payroll systems.

These are the healthcare platforms we are currently integrating with. If something is not on the list we can always build it for you!

  • CGM Allmen (AD/Azure AD)
  • CGM Helsestasjon (AD/Azure AD)
  • CGM Legevakt (AD/Azure AD)
  • CGm Covid (AD/Azure AD)
  • DIPS CosDoc (AD/Azure AD)
  • Infodoc Plenario (AD/Azure AD)
  • Gerica (AD/Azure AD)
  • Helseplattformen (API)
  • Sysvak (AD/Azure AD)
  • eSense (AD/Azure AD)
  • Imatis (AD/Azure AD)
  • Visma Omsorg (AD/Azure AD)
  • Visma Profil (AD/Azure AD)
  • Visma Velferd (AD/Azure AD)
  • Helseplattformen (API eller CSV)

Are your needs not met by this list? Get in touch and we can start working on a solution together.

  • Compilo (API)
  • Dossier (CSV)
  • Netpower Kvalitet (CSV)
  • Motivati (API)
  • EQS Kvalitetssystem (API)
  • Moodle (API)

If your HR, payroll and accounting platform is not listed here - let us know so we can fix that! 

  • Agresso unit4BTW (API)
  • Personec Lønn (AD/Azure AD)
  • Procasso (AD/Azure AD)
  • Aditro lønn (AD/Azure AD)
  • KS Fiks (API)
  • Compello fakturamottak og godkjenning (AD/Azure AD)
  • WinTid (API)
  • Visma brukeradministrasjon (API)
  • Motivati (API)
  • Xledger (API)

Don't see your name on the list? We're not a bouncer at a high-end club, so get in touch and we will add you to the list! 

  • Visma Flyt Skole (API)
  • Visma InSchool (API)
  • Visma Flyktning (AD/Azure AD/XML)
  • Visma Voksenopplæring (AD/Azure AD/XML)
  • IST Everyday (API)
  • iSkole (API)
  • Felles Studentsystem (API)
  • Bibliofil (API)
  • Fagbokforlaget (API)
  • Conexus Engage (API)
  • Canvas (API)
  • itslearning (API)
  • Skooler (API)
  • Zokrates (API)
  • Transponder (XML)
  • HK Oppvekst (AD/Azure AD)
  • Microsoft School Data Sync (API/CSV)
  • Lightspeed (API)
  • Apple School Manager (API)
  • VIGO Fint (API)
  • Vigilo (API)
  • WIS (XML)
  • Moodle (API)

In need of another integration? Let us know and we will sort it out!

  • ACOS Websak (AD/Azure AD eller API)
  • P360 Saksbehandling (API)
  • P360 Arkiv (API)
  • P360 eByggesak (API)
  • Sikri Elements (API)
  • Ephorte Elements (API eller AD)
  • Documaster (AD/Azure AD)
  • Framsikt (API)

Avoid paying for "zombie accounts" that no one is using, let eAdm handle the account generation and access management to the most commonly used tools in business today.

  • Microsoft AD
  • Microsoft Azure AD
  • M365 (API eller AD/Azure AD)
  • Microsoft Teams (API)
  • Microsoft School Data Sync (API)
  • Google Workspace (API)
  • Workplace by Facebook (Azure AD)

These are the Visma applications, platforms and systems we integrate with. Let eAdm do the heavy lifting across all of these, and simply keep your HR-system up to date.

  • Visma brukeradministrasjon (API)
  • Visma Familia (AD/Azure AD)
  • Visma Voksenopplæring (XML)
  • Visma Flyktning (XML)
  • Visma Velferd (AD/Azure AD)
  • Visma Samhandling (AD/Azure AD)
  • Visma GAT (API)
  • Visma Omsorg (AD/Azure AD)
  • Visma Profil (AD/Azure AD)
  • Visma HsPro (AD/Azure AD)
  • Visma Flyt Skole (API)
  • Visma InSchool (API)
  • Visma Link (AD/Azure AD)

NOTE! Through our integration with "Visma brukeradministrasjon" we can add/remove users from access groups in "Visma brukeradministrasjon". This enables realtime access control to all Visma systems connected to it via an access group.