eFEIDE | Feide administration made simple

eFEIDE is an Identity management system for school owners who need Feide accounts for their students and teachers with minimal administration needed. More than 500,000 Feide accounts are run via eFEIDE by Identum.

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eFEIDE receives source data from the customer’s school administration system, creates and maintains user accounts in Feide based on the source data received, and then sends and updates the data in a all of your connected systems.

eFEIDE | Easy identity management for schools

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Changes are updated automatically

Updates and removals will be consistently applied and shared. The designated systems can encompass learning platforms, publishers, networks, or Office 365/Google G Suite.

eFEIDE is capable of seamlessly synchronising usernames and passwords across all interconnected systems, including multiple Active Directory domains and O365.

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Reduce IT-workload, improve efficiency

eFEIDE's web-based user interface has been designed to enable users to perform routine tasks such as password changes or firewall administration themselves (for instance in connection with examinations). In other words, you get more control and flexibility, while freeing up time for your IT-department.

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The right access, to the right person

The availability of information and features in eFEIDE is based on the user's privileges and the organisation's supplementary services. In simpler terms, not every user will have access to all functions in eFEIDE.

For example, teachers can only access eTIME if their school utilises this particular functionality.

Features our Customers love

Internet access control

eTIME, the nifty supplementary module for eFEIDE, empowers teachers to effortlessly manage students' internet access. With its intuitive interface, teachers can easily define specific access levels during designated times through a handy calendar function. These access levels can be customised for individual students or groups of students. What's more, teachers can even utilise pre-defined groups from the school administration system for added convenience.

Access Management

eFEIDE pulls user data from the school administration system several times per day, and keeps your Feide catalogue updated automatically. 

eFEIDE can also automatically create users, groups, MS Teams and access for the applications and platforms you are using. Administration only happens in your School Administration System (SAS), and we will take care of the rest.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

2FA is a supplementary module for eFEIDE that allows administrators to activate two-factor authentication for specific Feide services for employees. The two-factor authentication requirement for Feide services can be set on the individual user level or for the entire school.

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More than 250 Norwegian Municipalities put their trust in eFEIDE to manage their Feide accounts. That makes us proud!

Joachim Hollekim

CEO, Identum

Show, don't tell

There is no substitute for seeing a cloud-based system in action - let us make your life easier through the awesomeness of eFEIDE.*

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