Our cloud-based solutions for Identity and Access Management (IAM) makes sure that your employees get access to the tools they need, when they need them.

Get more done, without doing it yourself

eAdm is our cloud-based integration and automation platform. It allows you to automate repetitive tasks, user access, and communication - which in turn frees up precious time for your colleagues. Time that can be spent on more meaningful projects and your valued customers. Allow your coworkers to do what they love doing, being creative, productive, and innovative.

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Let easyAdmin take care of the repetitive and mundane tasks that needs to be done, and let your team focus on what actually matters.

We get along with all the HRM platforms

easyAdmin uses data from Human Resources Management (HRM) systems and enables you to automate tasks such as user account generation, onboarding processes, and communication. We use Microsoft Azure/AD to allocate Office 365 or Google Workspace licenses, and create, update and remove accounts in other systems that you need to integrate with. Below are some of the most common HRM platforms in use by our customers.


Visma Enterprise

The one and only Visma HRM platform is by far the most popular, with eAdm it becomes even more powerful!


Unit4 (Agresso)

Unit4 (formerly Agresso) is a widely used HRM system and will only get better when you let eAdm tap into it!



Many of our customers use Simployer as their HRM platform, eAdm takes care of the rest!


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